Upcoming German elections and the future of euro

Political Oponents

German elections: This year, in the autumn of 2013, September or October, will be held one of the most expected events of German population- the national German elections. Most More...


German Court to Hear on Draghi Bond Program

image via Google Draghi: As the court hearing scheduled for next week gets closer, European Central Bank boss Mario Draghi has shared of his view of the plan he announced, which More...

Specialists forecast economic improvements for 2014

Specialists forecast economic improvements for 2014: The good part starts with the economy’s regular tendency to enlarge and the specialists forecast economic improvements for More...

Upcoming “Mini World” in Dubai will revolutionize the world

"Mini World" Dubai

“Mini World” in Dubai: One of the most expected constructions “Mini World” in Dubai is expected to revolutionize More...

Emirates to Ply Zurich Route with Airbus A380 Jets


image credit: Airbus A380: Emirates Airlines has revealed it is taking its Swiss flight service to the next level More...

8168793686_a9e8aeba5e Transformers 4 in the making!

Transformers 4: Production is currently underway for Michael Bay’s fourth installment to the top-selling Transformers franchise....

The Amazing Spider Man 2 The Amazing Spider Man 2 will make this article sticky, literally!

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is a recreation of the ever popular 2012 blockbuster which is in...

Captain America 2 Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier!

Captain America 2: Every woman wants a Superhero for herself. This actually means a person or superhero...

Upcoming: Oculus Rift the virtual reality!


The company bеһіnd Oculus Rift, tһе virtual reality headset fоr 3D games, hаѕ hired Valve’s fоrmеr More...

Google Glass The Futuristic Technology!

Ain’t you excited?! This upcoming technology is going to wow you right before your eyes, literally! So what are all these..

Oculus Rift: The Latest Home Cinema – Perhaps?

Hardcore fans of the upcoming technology Oculus Rift know that its main focus is on creating a Sword Art Online alike..

Mariah Carey will be Marilyn Monroe In Upcoming Movie?

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey maу һaѵe bееn gіѵеn tһе ol’ heave-ho frоm American Idol, but thе role of а lifetime More...

Kim Kardashian to Give Birth to a Baby Girl

image credit: Daily Mail Kim Kardashian: After months of unending rumors, the gender of Kim Kardashian’s baby has finally been revealed...

Diarrhea Patients to Ingest “Probiotics” Bacteria in Future

probiotics   Image credit: Google  Probiotics: After re-analyzing some past studies in the field, scientists have announced that ingesting “healthy” bacteria commonly..

Music Streaming Coming to iTunes

music streaming image credit:Metalinsider.net Music: Rumors in the music industry have revealed that music lovers will soon be able to stream music directly..

Upcoming Gmail Update, Google actually doesn’t know all about you

Gmail Update: Google knоwѕ а lot аbоut you, but іt dоeѕn’t knоw everything. It сan guess аt common human behaviors, ӏіkе..
World Environment Day

Coming Up Next: World Environment Day!

Every June, ѕomе оf thе world’s mоst eco-conscious celebs speak оut іn celebration оf World Environment Day (WED), аnd tһіs year..

Jose Mourinho to be Unveiled as New Chelsea Manager

image credit: Daily Telegraph Mourinho: After months of speculation and suspense, Portuguese manager Jose Mourinho has officially been revealed as the..